README for jellystack project


This jellystack project exists to wrap around jellyfin/jellyfin-apiclient-python: Python API Client for Jellyfin. I have my own tasks to run and I didn't even read the API client source to see if there was an easy way to rescan a library.

I use this library to make it easy to rescan an individual library. Obviously Jellyfin has the ability to have a specific library watch a directory, but for some reason this isn't fast enough for me.

So I use this library, shell script, password file, and bash autocompletion to make my life easier.


Author's repo


Visit the web UI, log in as an admin user, navigate to the library and select "scan now." (So exhausting!)

Reason for existence

Because it was easier than examining jellyfin-api-client to see if such a command already existed. But I needed a frontend anyway.


Set the file contents according to heading Associated files below.

Dot-source in ~/.bashrc the included autocomplete-rescan.bash script:

test -f /path/to/project/autocomplete-rescan.bash && . /path/to/project/autocomplete-rescan.bash

This aliases rescan-library.sh to rescan-library so the autocomplete then works. The first time you run the autocomplete in a day (it caches for 23 hours), it will fetch the library names. So you would just type:

rescan-library <TAB>


Associated files

  • ~/.config/jellystack dot-sourceable shell script that exports username, password, and server for the library to use.
  • ~/.jellyfin.password plaintext password, for autocomplete