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Librewolf 121.0.1 now in OBS

I don't normally post on my blog merely when an application is updated in my OBS slice, but it's a big deal for this one because multiple pipeline problems have plagued this application.

I provide debianized LibreWolf sources so anyone can build his own package. I also use the public LibreWolf CI infrastructure to build the assets that then also get used by OBS to build the package.

Problem 1

The public (and only, that I know of) CI for librewolf hasn't worked in a few versions, and I haven't bothered to find my alt browser to sign in to whatever chat room it was to ask the LibreWolf folks what's up. I think it was a free instance or something and they probably reached their quota.

Problem 2

Due to the usrmerge drama in Debian, the OpenSUSE-focused Open Build Service doesn't have a great way to work with dpkgs. But finally, after enough project config modulations that include preinstall: systemd amongst a few other things, I can build packages again.

preinstall: usrmerge
prefer: usrmerge
prefer: libjpeg-dev, libjpeg62-turbo-dev
prefer: libjack-dev
prefer: libavcodec60
prefer: libavformat60
prefer: libavfilter9
Preinstall: libsystemd0
Preinstall: systemd

So I manually uploaded the 121.0.1 assets I built locally and dropped the _service file for now which tells the OBS worker node to fetch the publicly-built assets.

  <service name="download_url">
    <param name="protocol">https</param>
    <param name="host"></param>
    <param name="path">/artifacts/0/prepared/librewolf_120.0.1-1.debian.tar.xz</param>
    <param name="filename">librewolf_120.0.1-1.debian.tar.xz</param>
  <service name="download_url">
    <param name="protocol">https</param>
    <param name="host"></param>
    <param name="path">/artifacts/0/prepared/librewolf_120.0.1-1.dsc</param>
    <param name="filename">librewolf_120.0.1-1.dsc</param>
  <service name="download_url">
    <param name="protocol">https</param>
    <param name="host"></param>
    <param name="path">/artifacts/0/prepared/librewolf_120.0.1.orig.tar.xz</param>
    <param name="filename">librewolf_120.0.1.orig.tar.xz</param>

And with my 3 manual assets, the package has now built. You're welcome, Infinity128, and everybody else!

An aside

The reason I use an alternate browser to visit the chat room with the LibreWolf guys is because it used to be which used gitlab and wanted full access to your account, so I made a bgstack150 account on gitlab and used that to talk. I didn't want having full access to whatever I have left on gitlab, so I used that alt account, and since it tied in SSO-like (read: Borg-like) to gitlab, I needed a different browser session and I've been too lazy to learn how to use multiple profiles in the same browser. But the last time I was in there, it was powered by matrix and is probably not necessary, but I still haven't bothered. The one other Librewolf CI project is alpine and that hasn't built in 2 months either so clearly they just weren't using it.