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Convert Local to AD Users

Project CLADU

CLADU stands for Convert Local to AD User. When you want to take local accounts and remove them and have the AD user with the exact same name take its place, use cladu. usage: [-duV] [-gr] [--ng] [--nr] user1 [ user2 user3 ... ] version 2018-03-09a -d debug Show debugging info, including parsed variables. -u usage Show this usage block. -V version Show script version number. -g groups Add the AD user to the local groups of the local user. Default is to skip this action. --ng Do not perform the -g action -r report Generate report in each user homedir. --nr Do not perform the -r action Environment variables: Parameters override environment variables CLADU_USERINFO_SCRIPT=/usr/share/bgscripts/work/ CLADU_USER_REPORT any non-null value will perform the -r action. CLADU_USER_REPORT_FILENAME=converted.txt File to save report to in each homedir CLADU_GROUPS any non-null value will perform the -g action. Return values: 0 Normal 1 Help or version info displayed 2 Count or type of flaglessvals is incorrect 3 Incorrect OS type 4 Unable to find dependency 5 Not run as root or sudo Go check out the entire source to look at the flow of the script.